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The Support Crew


Pete Saker

A Floyd fan since the seventies  (yes, he's that old!) He says he can't play anything, but wanted to be involved, so helping to set up then sitting at the other end of the hall with a beer while controlling a few lights with some sliders seemed like a good idea, how hard could that be?  If only he'd known!

mick 1.jpg

Mick Dawes

The firestarter.

gary 2222222222.jpg

Garry Brough

Lifting and listening.

sheridan 1.jpg

Sheridan Brough

 The perfect industrious team-player.

rae 1.jpg


Makes great tea.

caroline 1.jpg

Caroline Saker

Merch Queen.

InTheFlesh (5).jpg

Matt Dawes

My name's Matt, I'm 17 and have been with Floyd in the Flesh for a few years. I mainly focus on doing a lot of the backstage work (setting up different equipment and controlling the laser side of the sets). I've always enjoyed going to gigs since I was young.


Janet Pennington

Janet loves all things Pink Floyd, and as projectionist, she  shows the amazing videos to accompany the sublime music of Pink Floyd.

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