The Band


Dan Heenan

Dan has been playing Bass since 2001 and is a lover of Progressive Rock. He also plays in "Junction" with Benji and Ryan who have played over 2000 gigs since 2003!

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Ben Heenan

Benji is a well established guitarist from Alfreton, Derbyshire. He has been playing gigs since the age of 13 with his other band "Junction" and has also been teaching the instrument for many years. Benji is a huge Floyd fan with his favourites being from the Gilmour era.


Andy Pennington

Andy started playing guitar aged 13 and has played in many covers bands in his original hometown of Liverpool and now around the Midlands. He was introduced to Pink Floyd by his older brother and so began life long love of all things Floyd and Progressive rock.

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Ryan Mcfall

Ryan has been Drumming since 2002 and is also a member of "Junction" with Benji and Dan. Ryan fits the bill with FITF perfectly and has worked hard to perfect the classic Nick Mason style.

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Andy Geeson

Learned piano from age 8, then viola from 11 and self taught guitar from age 13. First band was a punk band called ‘Blunt Instrument’ in the late 70s at Bangor Uni. Played in rock bands in the 80s. Swapped over to keys in the 1990s, played in rock and pop outfits and recorded own material. In the last 10 years have played in one Doors tribute and two Floyd tribute bands. I enjoy playing good music with good musicians.

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Denise Ahlfors-Hartshorne

Denise has been singing in bands for many years and is well known for her powerful voice and incredible range.


Dulcie Phoenix

Dulcie is primarily a gospel singer. You can hear her on The Elizabeth Fields Collective album (supported Joyce Sims) and on on Reuben Archer’s Personal Sin album & performed on the mini stage at a Barry Gibb concert. She has performed as a soloist on BBC Radio 2’s Gospel Train. Dulcie often performs at various services at her local church. Floyd in the Flesh is an exiting project' presenting Dulcie with a genre that is new to her and in turn this has widened her vocal experiences.