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From the psychedelic 60s through to the polished delivery their later work, Floyd in the Flesh are deeply passionate about the music of Pink Floyd, and pride themselves on delivering an authentic Pink Floyd sound and show every time. The Show really is a complete experience for all the senses, featuring some of the country’s most talented musicians, a spellbinding Light and Laser Show, plus authentic projections up on that iconic circular screen. You may even see appearances of our inflatable pig and teacher (venue space permitting). In 1971, Pink Floyd set up their live touring rig in the Amphitheatre in Pompeii and prepared to film (live) one of the most iconic cinematic concerts ever created.
Floyd in the Flesh hope to bring some of the ambience of that performance to the first half of their new live show. From the original score, the band will reprise the majesty of Echoes, Careful with that Axe Eugene, the cosmic throb of Set Controls for the Heart of the Sun and more, all delivered with as much of the surreal experience of the original as is legal. The band will then move on to play many more tracks from other eras, such as Another Brick in the Wall, Wish you were Here, Great Gig in the Sky, In The Flesh and, of course, Comfortably Numb, featuring stunning solos by the two very talented guitarists. The band have been praised for their relaxed and friendly on-stage presence. You will find no egos here, and they are all true fans of Pink Floyd, happy to let the incredible music take centre stage. They love nothing better than joining together with the audience to celebrate the music of one of the UK’s best and most iconic bands of all time, and you are always welcome to stay a while at the end of the show to have a chat with the band!

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